lego rings


Coming Soon


LEGO on adjustable size metal rings. All of these are one of a kind!

More colours and sizes may be available upon request. Not meant for small kids (or big kids who are into putting stuff in their mouths.)



  • black 2x4 (sold out)

  • black 2x2

  • blue 2x4

  • blue 2x3

  • blue 2x2

  • green 2x4

  • green 2x3

  • green 2x2

  • light pink 2x4

  • light pink 2x3

  • lime green 2x4

  • lime green 2x3

  • lime green 2x2 (sold out)

  • orange 2x3 (sold out)

  • red 2x4

  • red 2x3

  • red 2x2

  • sky blue 2x2

  • white 2x4

  • white 2x3

  • white 2x2 (sold out)

  • yellow 2x4

  • yellow 2x3

  • yellow 2x2 (sold out)

  • orange 2x2 (sold out)

  • bright pink 2x2 (sold out)